Compulsory levy by law in armament sales worldwide. The (co)polluter has to bear the costs. Okt06


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Compulsory levy by law in armament sales worldwide. The (co)polluter has to bear the costs.

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11235394_lWe herewith request a compulsory levy of 10% on arms sales. This money is tied to a specific purpose and will be used in order to offer refugees all that is needed. This forced compulsory levy is due in every country, so that the weapons and armament equipment is produced/sold by an independent body* and must be managed in full transparency to the public.

This means that 10 % of each weapon sold, ammunition or any war accessory or spare part to every single bolt, must be given away from the arms industry. This includes of course, also all reconnaissance systems, monitoring systems and other products, which are attributable to military purposes. (The required compulsory levy is similar to the already up-to-date valid compulsory levy in the amount of 10% for data disks, which each citizen and business leaders at a purchase of mobile phones, computers, printers, cameras, storage media, etc. which already have to pay now.)

An example in order to be able to imagine what sums are:
2014 were the military expenditures of the 15 countries with the highest spending to a total of approx. 1,400 billion ( $1.4 billion $). And from this sum we demand 10% compulsory charge. They are then at least 140,000,000,000. – $ for each year to alleviate the suffering.

With these funds, a secure, decent accommodation of the fleeing guarantees, both in the region and in the country in which the refugees have fled. In addition, this revenue, through the arms injured people rehabilitation. Countries, which do not have weapons or defense, but are willing to take in refugees, should be supported by the sponsorship major countries. According to an allocation formula is to thinking about the size of the population.

* The independent body under any UN, NATO, any state or state like entity, none community or whoever, but is a completely open and transparent organization with special rights and obligations.

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Flight begins where there is war. And the death receives people on the other side of the weapon. Each weapon in the world has the sad potential immense damage. Turns a bomb in a fraction of a second a section of the city in ruins and leaves many dead, roads, traumatized and frightened people. The suffering of one’s own injury or close relatives, to the sad loss of beloved people is immeasurable.

The people in such areas often have left only with a choice: either self-defense, so the handle the weapon, or flight! The former contributes to the preservation of the inevitably cruel war and calls on only even more victims. Thus, there remains only the escape in many supposedly secure countries. For this purpose the people often take a very long, painful and usually fatal way, in the hope to finally live in peace.

To this suffering, in whatever form, will be far greater monetary needs to alleviate need, as the ridiculous small millions are made available from the states. Each year, however, the arms industry sales of more than 250 billion US-dollars and does not need to provide one penny for reparation.